Some Key Questions

Due Diligence

Do you need assistance seeking new opportunities, taking a fresh look at an existing portfolio, disposing of property or the undertaking of the necessary due diligence associated with these tasks?

Tenant & Landlord

Are you a retailer who is spending too much time on property related matters, concerned about lease terms, poor landlord and tenant relations or the prospect of a competitor entering your market at a lower cost base?

Planning & Development

Have you been struggling with the co-ordination of submission documents for policy statements or development plans?

Do you need assistance in the preparation and direction of planning strategies and development briefs or the engagement with local authorities and third parties during a planning process?

Are you involved in litigation, do you know the strengths and weakness of your property claim, or do you need assistance in the briefing, analysis, management or review of professional reporting?

Stakeholder Management

Can we help with communication and negotiation with key stakeholders, making projects move more efficiently ?